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Demo Reel

What type of file should I send you?

A stereo wav or aiff is preferred but I high-rez mp3 works great too. Ideally your track will have a click track for the count-off and it will be helpful to know the exact bpm of the track. If you didn't record to a click or don't know the bpm, it's OK as long as the meter is pretty tight.

ProTools users may also send a copy of the PT session (.ptf or .ptx).  

The files are large. How should I send them to you?

Most bands send their files via Dropbox, Gobbler, WeTransfer or Hightail. When doing an entire record, some bands have mailed me a thumb drive containing all the files. Your call.

I use a stand-alone recorder (Roland VS, Korg DS, etc.). Will your tracks be compatible?

Yes. As long as you can import audio files, we will be able to work together just fine. I've even worked with bands who record using GarageBand on an iPhone!

I don't have a PayPal or any electronic payment app. Can I mail you a check instead?

Setting up a PayPal account couldn't be easier or safer. With the number of businesses now accepting them, it's truly in your best interest to set up an account. If you're absolutely dead set against it, you may snail-mail me a money order or cashier's check. 

How long will it take to record my track?

Depending upon how many other projects are in queue, it shouldn't take any longer than 2-3 days. If you need expedited service, please let me know in advance. 

Can I provide you with input or ideas I have for the bass part?

Absolutely! I welcome any creative input you can provide. Comparisons are great too ("McCartney's tone but not as busy", or "Punchy without being too low-endy, like old U2"). It's your song so you can call the shots. 

I have no idea what I want the bass part to sound like. Can you just come up with something appropriate?

Sure, no prob. I'll probably ask you to give me a short list of your favorite bands and I may use that as a starting point. You can rest assured that I'll use my best instincts to craft a bass part that complements the vibe of your song. 

What if I like most of your part but want you to change some other parts?

No problem. I'll be happy to do one round of revisions for you at no cost. Please be as specific as you can regarding what you want changed. It has never happened yet, but if a 2nd round is requested, there's a $25 charge. 

Can you send me a mic'd bass amp track in addition to the DI'd track?

Yes. I have a variety of great tube, solid state and hybrid amps to choose from! You can select one from my list or I'll choose one. Either way, I'll be happy to send send you this additional track FREE of charge. 

I may be interested in having you play some other instruments on my song. How would that work?

Sounds like fun! I'll be happy to add any of the following:

  • baritone guitar 
  • mandolin 
  • lap steel 
  • piano
  • Hammond B3
  • Rhodes
  • Wurli
  • synth 
  • background vocals

Let me know what you have in mind and then I'll come up with a package deal for you.

What is "Ghosting"?

"Ghosting" is when a session player appears on a track but is not credited for his performance so it appears as though the band member actually played. This practice is very common on major label pop and rock records going back to the 1950's and is now starting to happen on indie and local records as well. If you require this type of arrangement, we'll discuss what's involved.

How should I credit you on my CD/website/other media?

Just list Dave DeMarco as the bassist. You could also give a shout out to YourSessionBassist.com in the liner notes or link to it on your website if you wanted to be extra cool. Thanks!

Photo: Joe Amey
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