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My Bass Gear
Whether you want me to cop the retro vibe of one of your favorite old-school rock or motown songs or if you want to hear the full-bodied bass of today's modern music, I'll select the right pieces for your project from my collection of vintage and newer bass gear. 


Fender Jazz (1974)
Fender Jazz (1978)
Fender Jazz w/ flatwound strings
Fender Victor Bailey Jazz V
Fender Victor Bailey acoustic
Fender Precision American Deluxe 
Fender Precision w/ flatwound strings
Fender Bass VI  x 2 (tic-tac bass, great for country)
Gretsch Synchromatic VI (another tic-tac bass)
Modulus Quantum 5
Rickenbacker 4003 x 2
Gibson Thunderbird x 2
Gibson G3
Alembic Elan 6
Alembic Elan 4
Alembic Distillate/Scorpion
Alembic Spoiler (fretless)
Alembic Spoiler (fretted)
Alembic Exploiter
Warrior 15-string
Hamer 12-string
Dean Edge Hammer 10-string
Dean Rhapsody 8-string (fretless)
Washburn B-20-8 8-string
Peavey T40
Memphis P-bass


I prefer to track bass direct (DI) so that you can decide later if you want 
to combine the DI with a re-amped bass track. At your request I will combine the DI with an amped track using my large variety of Mesa/Boogie, Aguilar and Bag End amps and cabs and vintage Acoustic amps and cabs. The modular nature of my amp array allows for the precise matching of head and cab to achieve the perfect tone.


While most sessions will not require the use of outboard effects, occasionally, they may be called for. Between the plug-ins in my Protools rig and my collection of new, vintage and custom effects, we'll have a large tonal palette at our disposal. If your funk track needs an envelope filter or if your metal track needs heavy distorted bass, let me know so I can begin designing the right tone.

Bass Synth

If you're looking for that sub-sonic bass for your pop tracks or just want to fatten up your mix with some Mini-Moog or Taurus bass, I gotcha covered. Huge selection of vintage and modern keyboards (including a real Hammond B3 and Leslie 122!).

My Recording Rig

ProTools 2020.5
MOTU 828 mkIII  

Preamps & DIs

API 3124+
Universal Audio 1108 x 2 (the "Gold Bricks")
Altec 1567a (modded for DI)
Aguilar Tone Hammer
A Designs Reddi DI
Alembic SF-2


Neumann KM184 x2
Altec 150/21D (the famous "coke bottle" mic)
Mojave MA-200
EV RE-20
Royer R-121
Sennheiser MD 421 x2
Shure SM57 x 2


BAE 10DC compressor
Universal Audio 550A Filter
Canare & Mogami cables
Genelec monitors & sub
Novation 61SL MkII midi controller
Slate Raven MTi2 x2
If there's any piece of gear in the above lists that you want me to use, you can let me know. Otherwise, I'll decide based on what I feel is appropriate for the song.

pro bass tracks for your song, CD or jingle